Business Systems Architect

World works the way it works, not the way you want it to

There are things I can affect change on… And then the are things I have no influence over.

I may not like a situation, a person, a place, a condition. Merely not liking it however, won’t change it to or replace it with something I do like.

A man is free to go to his sphere of influence where his words and actions can bring about change. To remove himself from places he dislikes and has no bearing over.

Taking decisions and actions can incidentally also lead to the expansion of the sphere of influence.

But at the end of the day, only a moron cares about things outside their sphere of influence.

So don’t worry about what others think, say or do. Don’t worry about them liking or disliking you. That is their business.

Yours is to use your energy, your time, your decisions, your actions, your resources and your influence to bring about the change you want in the world.

Or at least the tiny sliver of it that you have bearing upon.

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