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The world works the way it works. Not the way you want it to...

The Code – Enunciated Philosophy

Value Creation

The only way to create wealth and prosperity is to create value. Wealth is often equated to the ownership of  assets. Assets are nothing but media of value provision. At Behl Capital, our philosophy is simple. The way we create value is by either acquisition of assets, or enhancement of assets. We don't rely on arbitrage or market fluctuations to create value, useful as they may be. 

World Works The Way It Works
Not The Way You Want It To Work

Often, people are marred by the notion that things ought to be a certain way, that the behavior of others ought to be a certain manner. This proclivity to idealize a fictional version of the visibly jarring reality keeps most people distant from the dreams and visions they long for the realization of.

Life is easy to navigate for those who accept rather than acquiesce that there are consequences to actions and events. That often there are causes and just as often there are effects. That there are many things within one's control, and then there are far more without.

A wise man doesn't question or strive to negate reality. He observes, accepts and then enacts.

At Behl Capital, our philosophical guidepost is to never question or even label the nature of reality. We don't talk about "should's" and "ought's". We talk about what is, and how we can use it to create value for ourselves, our investors, our clients, and the society as a whole.

Respect For The Liberty Of Each Individual

Every adult is smart and able to make decisions for himself. If he loses money due to an investment, he learns a valuable lesson. The harshness of the real world becomes the pain-inducing teacher of experience for those who stay unwilling to learn from the gentle teacher of foresight.

But it's not government's job to "protect" investors from investing in a seemingly poor investment. Misrepresenting information is crime. Guaranteeing a result and then not honoring it is a crime. Presenting an opportunity is not.

At Behl Capital, we believe in each person's freedom to engage in any activity they deem viable, as long as they do not step on someone else's toes. We respect the liberty of each individual to make their own decisions without governmental legislation or fear of social ostracism that may limit his or her options.

Long Term Investment Code

Wealth can rarely be created with extreme velocity. It takes time in addition to capital and effort in order to create something that enhances the value of the world we live in. 

The telephone network is only as valuable as the number of users it has. A chamber is only as valuable as the number of members it has. Increasing the user base always takes time in addition to money and effort.

At Behl Capital, we do not believe in what is commonly known as short-term investment. The phrase itself is a contradiction. Investment can never be short term. Over the short term, all that can be done with capital is arbitrage. Or trading. Or speculation.

True value creation requires time.

At Behl Capital, we only invest our capital to acquire or grow assets that we would like to own forever.

Sure, a lucrative exit option might present itself, and we might sell an asset. But that is not our strategy. Should that occur, it would merely be the consequence of the presence of an excellent opportunity to free up some capital, so that an even more lucrative asset may be acquired.

Fundamentally, we can hold any and all of our assets forever, and be very satisfied with the returns they yield. 

You Get What You Pay For

We do not believe in using cheap resources.

More often than not, it is the seemingly more expensive alternative that turns out to be the more cost-efficient one. If a tool costs X, but lasts a year, while another alternative one costs 2X, but lasts three years, which is the more cost-efficient one?

We do not strive to buy cheap tools. For the most part, we buy the most valuable ones.

We do not strive to employ cheap labor. The best team members are often worth their weight in gold.

We do not strive to hire cheap vendors or suppliers. Those who can provide quality products or services in a timely manner are never cheap.

The Code Of The Family

It is the nature of life that seasons of joy give way to seasons of sadness and vice-versa. That moments of victory pass and moments of defeat need to be faced, and vice versa. That success is often followed by failure, and failure by success.

It is easy to stay loyal during the times of plenty. Testing times are the ones that are tumultuous. 

At Behl Capital, we consider all our employees, our clients, our investors and our vendors to be a part of our extended family.

True, we are very slow in hiring, or beginning a relationship with anyone, be it a new client, or a new investor, or a new employee. True we forgo association with many and undertake association with few. But that is all owing to the fact that once we hold hands with someone, we do not let them go during times that test them. We stay loyal even when others don't, and we stand when others run.

At the end of the day, there is fun in making a sale, and there is fun in acquisition. There is excitement in challenges presented by the marketplace, and the socio-economic forces beyond our control. But peace is derived from the loyalty that we demonstrate, and that we enjoy, with our stakeholders.