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About Lakshay Behl

Lakshay Behl is the world's leading business systems architect. He engineers and deploys business systems that automatically operate, manage and grow companies. While he typically works with established companies in certain sectors, his strategies are universally applicable.

About Behl Capital

Behl Capital, Inc. is the world's first Private Equity firm that offers Managed investments to investors. Instead of handing over money to other fund managers who then channel that money to business leaders, Behl Capital directly employs the investment capital to acquire, run, grow and eventually sell companies.

About Westernston

Westernston Consulting, Inc. is the world's leading strategy consulting company specializing in business growth through deployment of client acquisition funnels that breakeven within 30 days of initiation. Often, our clients find that doubling or tripling their cashflow is simply a matter of letting things take their natural course after we have deployed the proper systems.

About OVReview

OVReview, or Other Voice Review is an independent media company reporting the major global news, events and their implications on the financial portfolios of successful investors.

Wired To Be Poor

Why Most People Will Never Accrue Wealth In Their Entire Lifetimes

Most people are poor. The majority have always lived in poverty, and will always continue to live in poverty.

Every group of people arranges itself in the 1/4/15/80 hierarchy. This hierarchy means that the top 1% will own nearly half the assets allotted to that group. The next tier of top 4% will own about 15% of the entire asset base. The next tier of 15% will own about 15%... and the remaining 80% of the group will be left to fight over the last 20% of assets.

Be it wealth, health, relationships, or sex - this hierarchy is always visible.

This book talks about how you can be in the top 1% of this hierarchy, financially.

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