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This page is not for you if you are not already extremely familiar with who Lakshay Behl is, or what “The Behl Philosophy” is all about.

This page is only for those who qualify on all four of the following pre-requisite conditions…

  1. You must be the primary decision maker in a small or medium enterprise.
  2. Your business must either be producing at least $250,000 a year in Cashflow, or generating $1,000,000 in sales every year.
  3. You must have been a member of either the Weekly Webinar Series for three months, or a member of the Implementation Group for at least six months.
  4. You must be an objective thinker and an action taker. The Mastermind Group is not the place for you if you get emotionally attached to the products, the business model, the advertising format, the services you offer, or the way things are done in your business. This Group is for those who are willing to change whatever it takes to make the business better.

If you do not qualify on ALL these three pre-requisites, you are not eligible for the mastermind group. Please join the Weekly Webinar Series, and entrench yourself in The Behl Philosophy for at least three months before applying for this group.

If you do qualify, read on…


Lakshay-BehlFrom the desk of Lakshay Behl

Dated: January 30, 2015


Dear Fellow Business Leader,


You are already an action taker. You are not a consumer. You are a part of the elite 2% who can actually implement ideas.

I know this not only because you have been implementing ideas you have picked up in the Weekly Webinar Series or the Implementation Group, but also because you run a very successful business.

Let’s face it – Most people can’t do it.

Most people simply don’t have the thick skin required to endure all that successful business leaders endure.

Long hours, serious cashflow issues every now and then, spending way less time with the family than you’d want to, putting your clients’ needs and even whims ahead of your own, firefighting operational misfires, leading people, setting aside your personal problems in order to empathize with the problems that your audience is facing… I could go on here.

As the leader of a successful business, you are already way ahead of the general population curve.

Which simply means this – Your success is inevitable. With or without me, to be perfectly honest. You can absolutely double, triple or quadruple your business without my help, and you will, simply by implementing strategies that work.

That’s the good news.

Here's The Bad News...

Actually, I’ll give you two…

First, your life is ending. One minute at a time. You are spending way more time with your business than you optimally need to. Not because you don’t understand your business well – you do. But because you don’t fully understand the power of the 80/20 law and the force of compounding.

You simply don’t.

These are forces of nature.

You align yourself to these forces favorably, and leave your business in the hands of the stupidest, most lazy “dude” you can find in your county… and your business will still grow.

If your business is aligned to leverage these forces, there just is no way for you to stop making MORE money month after month, other than to close shop and stop accepting payments.

While that can be good news, so far it’s bad news for you, because you don’t know how to align these forces in your favor.

They don’t teach it in school. Actually, they don’t teach anything of much use in school.

But here’s the bad part – Even the school of hard knocks doesn’t teach you how to harness these naturally inevitable forces. In fact, I have not sources to go by, but I’d say that less than 1% of the people on the planet actually know how to use these forces.

Even the richest 1% don’t always know what’s going on behind the scenes. Many of them kind of stumbled on these forces accidentally, and have been riding them ever since.

Here’s the really bad part about this…

These Forces Are Never Neutral...

They are either working FOR you, or they are working AGAINST you. In other words, if you are not harnessing these forces, then these forces are by default working against you. Which would explain exactly why it takes so much of your time, your effort, and so many of your resources to run and grow the business.

That’s the first bad news. The second bad news is this…

It’s hard to see the forest from the trees when you are deep in it. Often, my clients, and make suggestions that immediately unlock new avenues of profitability.

Now, if I could see my own business objectively, I’d spot all these in a few minutes. But since I am so emotionally entangled within my own business, I can’t.

Just like you can’t objectively see almost all the leaks and the overlooked avenues of profitability in your own business.

I mean, you’d already have fixed them by now if you could see them. You are smart, hardworking, and capable. It’s not like you wouldn’t have figured out how to fix the money leaks in your business… or how to unlock the overlooked sources of profits in your business. You just haven’t seen them.

And That Is Where The Mastermind Group Comes In...

Join me and seven other extremely successful business owners twice a month for a mastermind meeting, and experience…

  1. How others are growing their businesses right now
  2. What their pricing strategy is, and the impact of high prices vs low prices
  3. How they differentiate their businesses from their competition

Seek advice from me, and other business owners on…

  1. How to grow your business
  2. Where to find new leads and clients
  3. How to convert more leads into new clients
  4. How to get way more loyalty from your clients
  5. How to increase your average transaction value

Peek behind the curtains as I, and other mastermind members, share their results from testing various strategies.

And lastly, offer advice and value, and be a part of an extremely prestigious mastermind group.

There Is No Better Way...

There is perhaps no better DIY way to grow your business than to be a part of a community of like-minded business owners. Successful people who really “get it”. People who understand what it takes to grow a business.

This is game changing stuff. This is the fastest way to make the next quantum leap. And that’s all there is to it.

So here’s how it will work…


You and seven other business owners will get together every fifteen days over a Skype call with me. We’ll take turns. Each member will talk about the greatest business challenge he’s got right now, and then every other member will offer him feedback about what can be done. Then we’ll move on to the next business owner.

You will have a list of two things to accomplish before the next call. We’ll obviously just focus on the best two ideas. Don’t worry, it won’t take you very long to accomplish any of these things. Like I always say, Smallest hinges Swing The Biggest Doors.

You will then have fifteen days to act on the ideas and suggestions, and report back. If your issue is resolved, we’ll talk about the next greatest issue you have. If it isn’t, we’ll talk about it until we need to.

Basically, we’ll iron out everything you can see as problematic.

Additionally, I will personally show you some aspects that you are overlooking. Each week, I’ll give you one task, and one task only. Completing that will give you enormous leverage.

Essentially, you’ll end up with three things to do before the next meeting. Do them, and you’ll see your business grow fast. How fast? Let’s just not talk about it now. I’ll just let you experience it for yourself.

There Are Two Requirements...

  1. You must absolutely be present for all Masterminding calls. Unless there is a dire situation, missing out on calls will make the whole group suffer.
  2. You must absolutely strive to DO the things you decide in each meeting. Sometimes life does get in the way. But for the most part, the momentum of the group depends upon you doing what you have set out to do.

Repeated failure to do these will lead to a permanent exile from the group.

So here’s how to enroll…


Fill out the application form below, and someone from my team will get in touch with you within three business days to tell you if you qualify. For the most part, if you qualify on the basis of the conditions listed at the very top of this page, then you do qualify for the mastermind club, however, admission isn’t guaranteed. I have, at times, turned qualified people away because I didn’t see a good fit.

So fill out the application form below. The next mastermind group is opening up in May 2015. You will be notified immediately if you qualify, and placed on the waiting list. You will subsequently be notified when slots open.

Keep in mind, the waiting list operates on a “First Come First Served” basis. So apply right now, because the slots are extremely limited, as you can see.

Lastly, about the fee...

About The Fees...

The membership into the Mastermind Group is premium, extremely limited, and as you can expect, pricey. The exact fees are revealed only to those who qualify.

So fill out the form below.

With Best Wishes
Lakshay Behl


The membership into the Mastermind Group is premium, extremely limited, and as you can expect, pricey. The exact fees are revealed only to those who qualify.

So fill out the form below.

With Best Wishes
Lakshay Behl