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Nature's Forces Are Always Working

Either they are working FOR you, or they are working AGAINST you.

Either they are strengthening your business making your success inevitable. Or they are eroding it, making your success impossible over the long term.

If these natural forces are working in your favor, then you'd have to be a seriously bad owner/manager to prevent your business from growing. The growth is just automatic. But if these natural forces are working against you, no matter how well you manage, no matter how great your products and services may be, you will find that customers just steer clear off your business.

In The Behl Newsletter, we show you how to ensure these forces of nature work in your favor.

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This law rules every aspect of every single business in the world.

This is the law of Disproportionate Outputs.

The law is simple - Equal inputs create unequal outputs. 

If you have fifty products, then ten are producing almost 80% of your profits.  If you have 20 clients, then only four of them are bringing in most of your surplus. And if you have ten employees, then only two of them are creating almost all the value.

This law is visible everywhere. Yet almost nobody I know takes advantage of it. For instance, do you know that the top 1% of your clients deserve at least 40% of your time, energy and marketing dollars, for they produce almost 50% of your gross profits?

Can you believe that to hire someone for an important position successfully, we routinely accept applications from about 125 potential employees? What is more incredible is the fact that the applicants filter themselves out on their own. Here's a breakdown of how that happens in various stages...

  1. Advertisement posted for a position on various job site. Over 300 people send in their CV. This is simple, because it only takes a click of a button for them to apply, and they are applying for as many as a dozen positions everyday.
  2. All of them are told to fill out a detailed application form in order to be considered for the position. Only 125 actually apply. This process separates the serious candidates from the time-wasters.
  3. These 125 people are asked to write a sales pitch to sell themselves for the position, using pen and paper, and to mail it in at a given address. Only 29 people follow through. These are your action takers, your movers and shakers. People who will actually get work done.
  4. Now we need to test for ingenuity, so the 29 people are asked to perform a creative task, which is quite similar to what they would be doing as a team member on a regular basis. 11 people do it, but only 6 do without requiring more guidance than should be necessary for that task.
  5. Finally, the six are interviewed, and seriously considered. Up until this stage, we haven't made any decisions at all. All the filtering out is done naturally. Applicants filtered themselves out based on their (lack of) initiative, seriousness, implementation-orientation and finally creativity.

Now these six people are interviewed for two things - Soft Skills, such as speaking, presentation, timeliness, personality etc., as well as philosophical orientation. The last thing we want to do is to hire someone who doesn't share the same views as the firm, and will not be able to gel well into the culture. 

This interview is the hardest stage because we were seriously left with two extremely proficient, personable and punctual people. Both of them could have been hired. Letting either of them go would be a shame, because they had everything. Proficiency, creativity, personality, skills, timeliness, cultural and philosophical alignment with the firm, ability to get things done and overcome hurdles and were extremely serious about joining the firm.

We finally made a decision based simply on the previous experience. 

Nevertheless, ultimately we only had to choose from two people. We already knew they'd both be excellent for the position we were offering.

So you see, 80/20 is an extremely useful principle when it comes to hiring. Or any aspect of business, really. 

In the Behl Newsletter, every month we share an 80/20 Case Study. Just like the one above, only in much greater detail. So that you can harness this inevitable force of nature to your best advantage.

Oh, and if you think this case study was great, wait till you check out how we use 80/20 to build newsletters, marketing programs, advertisements, designs, logos, titles and even covers for our books and DVDs. 

It will seriously blow your mind.

Power of compounding

Your resources produce disproportionate results. Some activities generate staggeringly more results than others.


This is the other law that is responsible for the exponential breakout growth of almost every business in the world.

This is the law of Compounding Forces.

Many a borrower and credit card spender has experienced the power of this law first hand. The consequences for them have always been bad - They go broke.

But the same law can be used to expand a business through multiple avenues.

For instance, if you were to grow each of the following numbers governing your business by merely twenty five percent...

  1. Number of Leads : Number of people who express interest in your offers 
  2. Conversion Rate : Percentage of people who buy out of those who expressed interest
  3. Average Transaction Value : The amount of money that each transaction brings in on an average
  4. Profit Margin : Profit made in gross sales as a percentage
  5. Frequency of Purchase : The number of times an average client buys from you each year
  6. Relationship Length : The number of years for which a client stays active, on an average

Your cashflow would grow by... take a guess... it's not 25%... it's not even 150%... it's 282%.

That's right.

A mere 25% increment in all those things simultaneously leads to at least a 282% increment in your take home income each year. It's at least 282%, because your fixed costs don't really increase all that much. And with that many more sales you have that much more buying power, so the suppliers and vendors give you better terms.

That's the power of exponential growth.

Exponential growth comes from working on all six aspects of your business simultaneously. And as you can see, I haven't said anything about increasing your advertising or marketing budget. Of course you can double your advertising budget and get twice as many leads, but this is not about that.

This is about producing a staggering increment without adding any additional resources, though that is highly recommended too. But that is a topic to be discussed on another day.

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein


It's rather simple.

Subscribe to The Behl Newsletter for just $125 per year. 

Every month you will recieve four tactics. One for each week of the month. 

Each of these tactics is applicable to virtually any business. Each of these tactics is optimized to harness the forces of nature.

All you need to do in order to harness the forces of nature is this... Simply incorporate these tactics into your business. This incorporation rarely takes longer than two to four hours. And it's extremely simple, since you also get videos showing you how to implement these.

In fact, here's a list of all that you get...

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein

Case Studies of Implementation

You will see examples and case studies of companies and firms that have implemented the tactics that you now have in your hands. You will see their results. You will see the challenges they faced in the implementation, as well as after implementing the tactics.

You will discover why there is absolutely no reason why your company must stay small... And why you can't take home a significantly larger income without spending more time or effort on your business. In fact, you will see for yourself how running and growing a business can be an extremely fun and rewarding activity.

And at the same time, how your own business can be optimized to run smoothly... While requiring much less time, attention and effort on your part.

Step By Step Illustrated Implementation Guides

You will never feel alone in this process. 

In fact, you will have every thing you need. Every tool, every guideline, every method right at your disposal. You will get an illustrated guide that shows you - step by step - exactly how to incorporate the tactics into your own business. 

You will also get daily checklists. Checking off items on the daily checklist should take you no longer than 15-20 minutes, on most days.

So within 15-20 minutes of implementation, you can watch your business become a lot more rewarding. Not just financially, but also emotionally. Any business that has a huge impact on its customers and clients is bound to be very rewarding for its leader.

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein

Strategic Mindset Reprogramming

Most small business owners are extremely confident people. Driven to excel, and passionate about their companies.

Yet, at the same time, they get so busy and involved with their businesses, that they might overlook the overarching strategic overview of the company. They fail to ask themselves simple, yet profoundly impactful questions like... 

  • Where is this company going?
  • Am I prepared to deal with the challenges that will inevitably present themselves... Simply because a competitor out-innovated me... Or because of new technologies... Or because of more aggressive pricing of another competitor?
  • What is my Value Proposition? Why should my customers buy from me instead of all the other companies they can buy from?
  • What business am I actually in? 


Back in the early twentieth century... the big, giant railroad companies failed to ask themselves this last question. They failed to ask, "What business am I really in?"

They thought they were in the railway business. They weren't. They were in the transportation business. But they didn't realize that in time.

As a consequence, they stayed in denial while the aviation sector slowly, yet steadily cut its teeth into their revenues. In fact, within a few years, the aviation companies became so large, that railways became a ghost. 

The consumer, who paid to be transported, saw and recognized better value in taking a flight, instead of travelling by the train. The consumer, then, just like today's consumer, had no loyalty to one company, technology, or method over another. Sure, we all have our preferences, but at the end of the day, value proposition is king.

Since travellers saw more value in the faster, and increasingly cheaper airplanes compared to trains... they switched from trains to planes altogether. By the time the aviation giants realized what was going on, it was already too late. The small aviation players, who they thought they would never have to worry about, had won. And they had won definitively.

Now, had the railroad companies realized that the true business they were in is transportation, they could easily have bought the tiny aviation companies with their resources, and stayed relevant. They could easily have out-innovated the tiny aviation players, simply because they had access to a lot more capital than the tiny players.

But they didn't. 

Not because they were lazy.

But simply because they failed to realize what business they were in.

Are you making the same mistake?

Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein


The Behl Newspaper is for you if...

  • You run or manage a company, and are (one of) the primary decision maker(s)
  • Your business produces less than $100 Million a year in revenues
  • Your business is owned privately, either by just you, or you and a few partners
  • You are looking for exponential growth through implementation of systems

The Behl Newsletter is absolutely not relevant for you if...

  • You are a startup with little to no revenues
  • Your business produces less than $100,000 a year in gross profit, or EBITDA
  • Your business is listed, or jointly co-owned by more than 7 stock holders
  • Your business produces more than $100 Million a year in revenues
  • You are not the primary decision maker for your company
  • You need approval from a committee or board or union to make any change to your business
Power of compounding

Compounding is the most powerful force in the universe...

-Albert Einstein

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