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The Most Important Characteristic That Separates The Winners From The Rest – Agnosticism

Winners in any field think differently.

Be it wealth, sports, business, lifestyle… those of us who achieve exceptional results have very different habits compared to the rest. And a very different outlook too.

One of the key traits or characteristics that keeps people mediocre is ideological stubbornness. If someone is poor, it’s because of what they believe about money.

If someone has a fledgling business or career, it’s because of their ideological stubbornness. Their stubborn, foolhardy belief in their, well… beliefs. Clinging on to what you believe… or what you think you know… is a big problem if you’re not getting the results you want.

I meet a lot of people. Most people are of course not within the top 1% of any field. By definition, only one in 100 can be in the top 1% of a field. Consequently, you can bet very, VERY few people join the ranks of top 1% in more than one field.

I have found a commonality. A trait, or a characteristic, if you will. Shared by every successful person I know.

And that is…


Agnostic people have fluid strategies. They are not prisoners of ideological stubbornness. A saddening majority of people are ideologically rigid. Inflexible. And consequently, unable to get out of harm’s way.

They say…

Feedback is The Champion’s Breakfast

And that’s quite true.

Winners have the humility to listen to feedback. To look at, and dissect their results. To try and connect cause and effect without getting emotional about it. To look for patterns. Agnostically.

Stubborn people can’t accept any criticism. If a stubborn advertiser fails to generate sales, then he figures the audiences must be stupid… or the product must be bad. He won’t ever concede that there might just be a flaw or two in his copy writing or design.

Life Is Your Greatest Critic

Your past is strewn with the dead bodies of your dreams who sacrificed for nothing because you learned nothing owing to your stubborn faith in your existing attitude and belief systems.

But life keeps giving you feedback. Very honest criticism. If you will only carefully listen… you might just end up learning a lot from your own mistakes.

Winners listen to this feedback. Winners look at their results, and adjust strategy. Course – correct as soon as they know they’ve ventured off course. But majority of people don’t

Which side will you be on?

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