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Being Untethered From Mores

One of the traits that not only uniquely defines me, but also separates me (and I suppose a handful of others) from the vast majority is simply the experience of being untethered.

Untethered from tradition so as to define my own.

Untethered from morality so as to evaluate my values myself.

Untethered from levels on hierarchy so as to never climb a ladder.

Untethered from belief systems so as to never abandon first principles.

Here are a couple examples about how being untethered changes everything…

A vast majority of people feel inadequate deep within their hearts. Inadequate professionally and personally. And consequently undeserving of satisfaction in their careers and love lives. This is largely on account of a mediocre or unsatisfying past.

If they could somehow be untethered from their past, and simply let go… they’d come to realize how futile their energy expenditure is when it comes to justifying why they’re deserving. Simply because it isn’t required.

Exceptional past performance is no guarantee for future performance… nor is a stellar track record necessary for generating results in the present or the future.

When you get untethered, you simply upgrade. Whenever you want. However much you want.

Disregarding systems, traditions, hierarchies and power structures on account of disdain begets power.

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