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How To Become A Truly Respectable Man

Think of a truly respectable man. Someone who you can look up to and admire. Someone who everyone listens to. Someone who just commands attention. Someone who women want to be with. That is someone that you want to become.


Imagine yourself…

  • Lifting 350 pounds dead, squatting with 300, pressing 250 pounds on the flat bench and pressing 200 pounds overhead. You’d be within the top 1% of all elite weightlifters in the world. And you’d be stronger than at least 99% of all the men in the world.
  • Making over $1,000,000 a year after taxes. You’d be squarely within the top 0.25% in the US, and within the top 0.05% worldwide in terms of wealth.
  • Having deeply satisfying relationships with your family and friends. Spending time with your kids working on projects that are not only deeply enriching and satisfying to both of you, but also form a great learning experience for the young ones as well as yourself. Plus, there is the added benefit of making your kids tough, and bonding with them at the same time. All this while simultaneously also having a great sex life that satisfies you and your woman completely – and having sufficient time for excellent pillow talk.
  • Reading over twenty, thirty, even fifty books a week. Not romance novels of course. I’m talking about books that have golden nuggets of wisdom as well as deployable info thrown in every few pages.
  • Being renowned in your field as an expert… as an authority to be listened to – with a waiting list of clients happy to pay you whatever you charge… And what you charge is squarely outside the norms of your industry.
  • And still having time to pursue a hobby – like shooting, hunting, playing guitar… or whatever else you like.

Now imagine a life where you have all of this. Not one or two aspects… but every aspect.

Children look up to you. Grown men want to be like you. Beautiful girls want to be with you. Experts in other fields, and in your own field acknowledge you, and defer to your advice and expertise on subjects pertaining to your field.

Life’s really good, right?

Well, that is the life I am about to show you how to live starting today…

80/20 is life. It’s a force of nature. Just like gravity. A force so powerful that you can totally transform your life, your business, your relationship with it.

And you can absolutely use it to become a great man.

This post is targeted specifically towards men. Not towards women. For our lovely ladies, I’ll write something some other day.

Today I am talking about men. How to become a truly respectable man.

So let’s quickly talk about 80/20 first, and then I’ll demonstrate to you how it can transform you, dear reader, into a great man. Into a highly respectable man.

So 80/20 is life.

80% of the results can be had with just 20% of the effort, if you know what you are doing.

But it doesn’t end there. You can square both sides, or raise both sides to any exponent, and it’ll still be valid.

If 80% results can be yielded by 20% of the effort, then (80%)2 results can be produced by just (20%)2 of the effort.

In other words, 64% results can be had for 4% of the effort.

If an olympic athlete practices 2000 hours a year, and can lift 400 pounds over his shoulders… then you can get to 64% of his results (which is 256 pounds of weight) by putting in just 4% of the effort. Which is just 80 hours a year. Or a little over an hour and a half each week.

Of course the assumption is that you know what you are doing. You know exactly how to spend those 80 workout hours. And you are at least as tall, and at least as genetically gifted as the olympic athlete – which isn’t really impossible. But even if you aren’t, and even if you get to only 150 pounds of overhead shoulder presses – you’d be squarely within the 1% of the strongest men on the planet.

By the way, strength is a definitive attribute of a respectable man.

It just so happens, at the time of writing this article, 150 pounds is the exact weight I can push over my shoulders (5 sets of 5 reps each). And I have never exceeded 90 minutes of workout in a week. Ever. I just consume a lot of protein and fat based organic diet. And I get a decent amount of sleep.

Of course, I’m still growing strong. And this capacity will keep on expanding for a while as my muscles stay in hypertrophy.

So there you have it…

You can have more than half of nearly anybody’s results in any field… but putting in just 4% of their efforts.

In other words, you can be 16 times more efficient than the best of the best. Sure, you’ll never beat them one-on-one… but you can put yourself squarely within the top 1% of the entire male population on the planet… in any field.

And since you spend so little time doing it, you can do it in multiple fields.

See, the way I see it – every week you have 98 hours left over after taking out time for sleeping, bathroom breaks, and eating. That amounts to 14 hours a day.

Here’s how I like to break down my 98 hours…

  • 20 hours working on my clients’ businesses – delivering work product for which I get paid.
  • 20 hours a week with family. This block is broken down into time I spend with various family members – but the breakdown varies from one week to the next.
  • 20 hours weekly buffer – to handle emergencies, occasional chores, or just to watch a movie with friends. This is also the time I write to clear my head – or make plans and strategize. Right now, I am within this time block.
  • 15 hours on growing my business.
    • Three hours developing content.
    • Five hours marketing content, and generating leads through funnels.
    • Two hours developing websites.
    • Five hours creating offers, talking to new prospects, or if I have one planned – giving a speech or conducting a webinar.
  • 10 hours weekly business buffer. I reserve 10 hours to do business related things that I can’t plan for upfront because they are surprises. Very rarely does it spill into my larger, personal buffer, but if it needs to – it takes obviously precedence over watching movie, hanging out with friends, or personal chores. For the most part I spend this block systemizing my business, and taking care of finances.
  • 3 hours a week workout (this includes additional time it takes to warm up, cool down, shower, change into and out of gear etc.) I don’t commute to the gym to save time – I have a heavy duty squat rack, an adjustable bench that can be flat, inclined, or declined depending upon my needs, an olympic barbell, and roughly 500 pounds of plates.
  • 5 hours a week reading. I read non-fiction for the most part other than the occasional classic. Last piece of fiction I read was Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead. I reserve either one five hour long block for reading each week – or two blocks of 2-3 hours each. I get a lot of juice from reading just five hours a week – especially if I do it in one go. Many times I end up reading an entire book in one sitting. As you can guess, I don’t mind skipping portions and even entire chapters.
  • 5 hours a week practicing playing the piano. Again, I own one. Currently it’s Arius 142-R by Yamaha. Yamaha pianos retain their value excellently over the years, and I often upgrade. They resell at excellent prices – especially since I am a germaphobe and I keep my equipment spotless at all times. If you saw mine, you’d say it’s brand spanking new when actually it’s almost a year old now.

That’s it.

I have 30 hours of buffers in there to take care of everything unexpected. And I have reserved blocks to do everything I need to do.

Now, in all fields I practice compounded 80/20. I focus on the most important habits, and let the rest slide.

Here’s how…


  1. Eat lots of lean meats. Eat lots of butter and healthy natural fats. Eat nominal amounts of carbohydrates.
  2. Two workout sessions a week.
  3. Session A is Benchpress, Overhead shoulder press, and Barbell curls. I strive for five sets with 5 repetitions at peak weight. When I achieve 5X5, I increase the weight on the barbell by 5 pounds.
  4. Session B is Deadlifts and Squats. Currently, I am dead lifting about 375 pounds, and squatting with 275. I manage to increase the weight by 5 lb almost every week.
  5. Get enough sex and sleep.
  6. Meditate a few minutes each day. I do this right after I wake up, or right before sleeping.

BUSINESS GROWTH (My own, and my clients’)

  1. Optimize cost of acquiring a lead from various sources. I’m not necessarily focused on reducing cost of lead acquisition. That is because from some sources we can get cheap leads, but then they don’t convert. About 40% of my marketing related time is spent on testing ads and landing pages to see how much we’re paying for “good” leads.
  2. Optimize conversion funnel – which means testing various offers, developing stronger follow up practices and systems. This takes the other 40% of my dedicated blocks.
  3. Manage cashflows for exponential growth.
  4. Talk to clients – call them, or email them, or write to them, or fax them in some cases.

Of course, delivering work product to clients is separate.


  1. Spend time not just idly chit-chatting. Focus on shared experiences. Work on projects together. Read the same books, and then discuss with each other. Create things of value.
  2. Be loyal. If they need help, and you can give it – even if you have to sacrifice something – do it. If someone’s in your inner circle, be loyal to them.
  3. Also, do not let just about anyone in. Be sure to test for loyalty as well as compatibility with your culture and belief systems. You wouldn’t let just anyone come and work in your business. Why would you let someone into your personal life without vetting them first?


  1. Boldly and confidently go for what you want. Whether it’s new business, or launching a new product, or getting a girlfriend, or starting an acquisition deal. Know what you want, and go for it.
  2. Have plenty of backup options. Most deals that get started don’t work out. Most girls a man approaches are not ready to date. Most leads a business acquires don’t become clients.
  3. Do not be pushy or needy. Make win/win offers, and leave it at that. Do not pester anyone for the close. Move on to the next option. In fact simultaneously deal with several prospects at once. This puts you in the driver’s seat.
  4. Keep setting clear goals, and work so hard to achieve them that people look at you in amazement and wonder how in the world you manage to achieve so much.
  5. Keep your hardwork to yourself. But share your results with others.

The keys are focus and persistence.

There are no limits to what you can achieve. No matter your station in life, I can promise you you can achieve more this year than you have in your entire life so far.

What keeps you down is a lack of belief in yourself.

What keeps you down is a lack of focus.

What keeps you down is a lack of perseverance.

Otherwise, just set goals. Create an optimized plan based on 80/20 to achieve it, and then execute the plan. That’s all there is to it.

That’s all there is to become a truly respectable man.

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