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Disengage from the futile

Feedback loops.

They exist everywhere in nature. Human behaviors are no exception.

Just as the wealthiest 1% own 50% of all wealth…

Just as the busiest 1% of streets and roads in a locale carry over half the total traffic…

And just as the top 1% of clients bring in over half a company’s revenue…

Only 1% of all actions and activity brings over half the results…

In almost any sphere.

Half an hour a week of dedicated heavy weight lifting will get you to over 50% of lifting ability of Olympic athletes.

An hour a day of dedicated marketing effort will produce at least half the results delivered by a dedicated full time team of three marketing hires.

Less than 1% of the marketing budget of your market’s leader of share can bring you to the position of at least one of the leaders of market share.

An hour spent doing yields greater result than a decade of reading, learning, protesting or debating.

Ten minutes a day practicing a craft will bring you to performance level in just a few short years.

So let the futilities slide.

Focus on just the important 1%.

You have enough time each day to make just about anything happen.

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